Deposit is required

Mountain Island      1/2 day     250.00

                                          full day     350.00

100.00 deposit is required to hold a fishing date. Deposits are refundable, please give at least 2 days notice if you wish to cancel.  Deposits are necessary because I will purchase or catch bait plus prep time is required to be ready for your trip.  If you no show, your deposit will be forfeited.

lake wateree     1/2 day        250.00

                                full day     350.00

Do you clean our catch? 

No, but I may make some suggestions to help you handle your catch following your trip

May we bring food?

Absolutely!  I welcome you to eat while we fish.

What is a half day or full day?

1/2 day is 4 hours on water time, full day is 8 hours on water time.

May we drink or smoke on your boat?

I ask all party members to refrain from drinking or smoking while we are on the water.  If you absoultely have to smoke I will be glad to return to the launch and allow you time,  however this is your time too.  Please no alcoholic beverages.  It is all about safety.

Catfish parties from 1 to 4 persons--- flat rate.  I do not charge per person but I do limit to 4 adults so fishablitiy  will not be impaired.


How does a night trip go?

Night trips are on Lake Wylie only and we target flathead catfish in the warm water period  June through September.  We also catch blues at night, but there are some guys who just want to catch flats.  A "good" night of flathead fishing may be only 3 fish but they are big and strong worth the wait usually.  Night trips generally start at 8pm and last 5 hours on the water time.

Do you have a bathroom on your boat?

No, but I will be very sensitive to the needs of my parties, especially females.  We can return to launch as necessary.  This will not decrease on the water time.  I do not want party members to be uncomfortable on their trip.

Do you guarantee we will catch fish?

No.  I will however make sure you have a safefishing experience and do my best to optimize our catch.  I will work very hard when fish are less cooperative.

Lake Wylie     1/2 day     200.00

                           full day   300.00

                           night trip      300.00

    (night fishing available June - September)